"Author Cori H. Spenzich writes with style and dry humor as he pinballs his characters around a world that is part dream, part harsh reality. Full of surprises and always inventive, NOSTALGIA is a perplexing, intelligent, and thoroughly engaging novel."

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Cori H. Spenzich

Cori H. Spenzich

Writer, Artist, Person Who Does Things

Cori H. Spenzich was born in rural Minnesota, surrounded by corn fields. He currently resides in the Twin Cities, surrounded by books.

Originally published as a poet, in the short-lived Student Lounge Issues 1 and 2 by Century College, Cori later expanded his interests in fiction by writing short stories and novels. His first novel, Nostalgia, was published in 2019 by Story Influx Press. His stories touch on themes found in existentialism, world religions, philosophy, and the everyday absurdity of life.

Always wanting to experiment, his stories range in genre from horror to magical realism.

Awards for Nostalgia

2024 IndieReader Approved: Popular Fiction

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Cori H. Spenzich is creating art and fiction, available across different platforms, via Story Influx Press. He’s not alone.